The first open hackathon
at Smartlook in Brno!

Join us November 5, 2022 at Smartlook office in Brno

It's finally here!

As we are passionate about building new things, searching for new approaches, and working in teams on interesting projects, we've decided to organize an external hackathon. You’ll have the chance to spend time with our top developers that crave to tackle new challenges with skilled individuals.

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The Hackathon will revolve around the topic “Element Picker”

Umm, what exactly does that mean?

Your task will be to implement a component generally known as the Element Picker. Its main functionality is very simple: it allows users to select an element and returns a selector that can be used to target this element.

How can you improve it..?

Here comes the interesting part!

  • Any pleasing visualizations that could help guide users to the correct element?
  • Could the complexity be reduced by applying configurable filters (blocking specific elements)?
  • Are there any settings that could tweak this component’s behavior?
  • Can you think of anything else?

You will be competing against other teams. To get an edge, try coming up with valuable improvements that others won’t think of.

Why should you be a part of it?

You will get to know the product used by 300 000 people across the globe, enjoy stunning views from the 19th floor of the Smartlook office, soak in the atmosphere of brains in action, and eat as much pizza as you can.

Final solutions will be reviewed and judged by our jury. The top 3 teams can look forward to a new experience — and a cash prize!

1st place

30,000 CZK

2nd place

20,000 CZK

3rd place

10,000 CZK

Are you ready?

You can register your team of 2-4 members right now! But be aware of capacity limit. We can only take the first 10 teams to sign up, so don't hesitate to register your team today to secure your rightful place in this hackity hack.

The deadline for applying is October 31, 2022 EOD.

Missing teammates? Don't worry. We can match you with other skilled individuals if you’re a little short.

More info coming directly to your mailbox soon!


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Save the date


November 5, 2022
(Deadline for applications
is October 31, 2022)


Šumavská 524/31
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic


Element Picker

Team size

2-4 people

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